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The Same Yet was handy for the farmers and labourers who work and live locally to have a well earned pint at the end of the day.

Mrs Jowett is the landlady having taken over from Mrs Booth.

The legend is it was originally The Star Inn until it was refurbished when the sign writers asked what the name of it was, the answer was, “the same yet’, meaning it was still The Star Inn, but, to everyone's surprise,

in bright, gold lettering, the sign over the door, “The Same Yet”. It was decided it should stay as it was too expensive to alter and so it remains

to this day.


The Original pub has stood here since 1800 and has served the community

for many years ever since.


HAUNTED: The Same Yet exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a man called James Heyward who was robbed and murdered nearby in 1843. His body was carried to the pub for the police to investigate. Every now and again, there is no time limit, his bearded ghost appears in the bars and quite startle all

who witness him.

Here is an episode from Hauntings of England paranormal TV show.

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